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Wild Heart Ranch Product Lines, Brands and Characters

Our Brands are different because...

They Connect Children to Nature, Teach them about Endangered Animals, Comfort them at night with our stars and moons that Light up, They come from the Heart - not a marketing team!

The 'Lucky Stars Collection', 'No More Night Mares', 'Armadillo Cowboy Club', 'I Sea Horses' & 'Desert of Lop' brands are all properties of Wild Heart Ranch.

Please review our individual brands on the side bar menu and meet our cast of characters as they come alive from our books and games !

Wild Heart Ranch is a place where your imagination can run free like the wild herds of long ago. What is wild in nature is what calls to our hearts. We strive as a company to entertain children and adults with the magic and wonder of the stars, the ocean and the desert. We want your imagination to travel to lands of myth and legends; where man has never left his footprints.

We must always remember to dream, imagine and ponder the magic of the universe.

Family, children's entertainment, and education come to life in our mystical animated characters, collectible plush horse toys, and collectible plush seahorse toys. Read our original legends, stories and children's books about wild horses, seahorses, and magic. Visit the Wild West with our Armadillo Cowboy stories, adventures and free online video games. Learn about the Desert of Lop and the magic of wild camels. Get to know a simple hedgehop that loved to learn and dreamed of going to school.

From saving wild horses, to endorsing seahorse conservation or educating children and adults about the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel that may hold a possible cure for cancer, our products are designed from the heart.

Our unique plush toys and characters light up with celestial lights of comets and moons and stars and we also brand our plush horses, seahorses and plush camels with moons and stars. We have numerous testimonials from parents and children that tell us they help children feel more comfortable at bed time.

Follow us to the depths of imagination.

For enquiries on licensing or strategic business development relating to brands contact :

D Van Zant


Visit Moonbeam at WildHeartRanch.com



The No More Nightmares
The Armadillo Club
The Desert of Lop
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