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Hey Partners... Free Games!

Wanna play the Armadillo Cowboy Club game? Click here.

Play the Armadillo Cowboy Club Game The online 'Armadillo Cowboy Club' arcade game. The online game is based on an original story about three Armadillo Deputy Heroes that capture criminal coyotes with slingshots, firing bees, and fast flying lassos. You have 60 seconds to hit 5 coyotes!

The 'Armadillo Cowboy Club' arcade game provides a great outlet for online entertainment and a glimpse into the romanticized "wild west". The game takes you into desert scenes, an old fashioned street shoot out and a saloon fight. The cast of characters includes armadillos - Wyatt Dirt, Doc and Dilly, the Sheriff - Sam the Rattler, along with the Villains - "The filthy coyotes".

Send an armadillo e-card! Click here.
Read the story of the Armadillo Cowboy Club. Click here.

Watch our animated horse story episode; see 'No More Night Mares' come to life.

Watch the No More Night Mares Web EpisodeComet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars are waiting for you in the night sky. Believe in them and they will light up your imagination and your heart. You will never have to be afraid of the dark again. If enough of us believe in them, their dream of freedom can come true. Then, they can gallop across the night mist to return to the rocky cliff on earth from long ago. If their destiny is fulfilled, the legend can come to life.

Click here to watch the No More Night Mares Legend.


Check out the evolution of Pegasus Follow us to the Depths of Imagination...

Watch the white stallion Pegasus magically change into a Seahorse in our animated story.

It might not hold true to evolution, but the magic of myth will make you believe!

Ribby the RhinoClick here to meet Ribby the Rhino - Life Guard to the watering hole!
Click on each name to meet the supporting cast for Ribby the Rhino: Wilber, Skivvy and Buzby.
Click here to read about Ribby's world.
Click here for other stories about Ribby the Rhino



The Armadillo Cowboy Club

Click here to meet Wyatt Dirt, Doc and Dilly. Click here to meet the Sheriff - Sam the Rattler along with the Villains - The filthy coyotes. Click here to read more about the dusty, dirty hidden town located smack in the middle of the dessert.

Want to send an E-card by well-known artist Kim McElroy? Click here.

Hey kids check out this fun and educational site:
http://www.epa.gov/kids/ Environmental Kids Club



 What can  you do at Wild Heart Ranch Kids Club? -
* Play online video games - click here
* Learn about endangered -animals- click here
* Learn about wild Horses - click here
* Read about horse care - click here
* Meet the No More Night Mares - click here
* Watch the No More Night Mares animated video - click here
* Meet Comet the Paint /Pinto - click here
* Meet Moonbeam the Palomino - click here
* Meet Lucky Stars the Appaloosa - click here
* Listen to the No More Night Mares Legend Audio - click here
* Meet the 12 little twinkling lucky star horses - click here
* Meet the Armadillo Cowboys - click here
* Meet Harry the Hedgehog - click here
* Read our other wild horse legend- "The Sky Stallions" - click here
* Listen to Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop Audio in Chinese - click here
* Send us your pictures - click here
* Send us your artwork - click here
* Send us your stories - click here
And lots more - just look around and learn and have fun!  

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