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Welcome to Wild Heart Ranch; All about wild horses, seahorses and wild camels

Meet our characters, read our stories, play our games...

Wild Heart Ranch... Let us take you on a magical journey to - The Sky, the Sea and the Desert

Wild Heart Ranch is a place where your imagination can run free like the wild herds of long ago. What is wild in nature is what calls to our hearts.

Travel to lands of myth and legends; where man has never left his footprints.

Our books and stories are designed to empower readers of all ages. We encourage parents to read and share these books with young readers to improve their reading skills and teach valuable life lessons. Read our legends of wild horses, seahorses and the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel and find your own wild heart.

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Wild Heart Ranch Kids Club
Check out our interactive Animation & Video Games


From wild horses to seahorses, to the wild west cowboy video game, we have animation and games for boys and girls. See the curious white stallion Pegasus transform from a horse to a seahorse, be a wild west cowboy online and play the animated video game from the armadillo cowboy club or watch the legend of the magical wild horses that find a new life in the stars come to life with the No More Nightmares animated film, or visit our coloring page!!! There's always lots to do at the Wild Heart Ranch's kids club...

flash movie of wild horses

Watch our animated short flash movie of wild horses; See the 'No More Night Mares' legend come to life - Watch Eclipse the brave wild stallion save his three wild mares

Watch the No More Night Mares Web Episode. Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars are waiting for you in the night sky. Believe in them and they will light up your imagination and your heart. You will never have to be afraid of the dark again. If enough of us believe in them, their dream of freedom can come true. Then, they can gallop across the night mist to return to the rocky cliff on earth from long ago. If their destiny is fulfilled, the legend can come to life.

Click here to watch the No More Night Mares Legend



The online 'Armadillo Cowboy Club' arcade game. The online game is based on an original story about three Armadillo Deputy Heroes that capture criminal coyotes with slingshots, firing bees, and fast flying lassos. You have 60 seconds to hit 5 coyotes!

The 'Armadillo Cowboy Club' arcade game provides a great outlet for online entertainment and a glimpse into the romanticized "wild west". The game takes you into desert scenes, an old fashioned street shoot out and a saloon fight. The cast of characters includes armadillos - Wyatt Dirt, Doc and Dilly, the Sheriff - Sam the Rattler, along with the Villains - "The filthy coyotes".

Play here


Meet our Characters from our stories...


Please note that Wild Heart Ranch had a fire last year in 2010 and all the plush toys in our warehouse were destroyed. We still have books in inventory. We are sorry for any inconvenience and will update you if there are any changes in the future. If you have any questions please email dawn@wildheartranch.com

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