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HorseToys.com - Featuring the Wild Heart Ranch line of toys and books educating kids about endangered animals and the environment!

Plush horse toys and books about wild horses: "The No More Night Mares" picture book about magical wild horses in the sky, illustrated by well-known equine artist Kim McElroy, No More Night Mares 14" plush horses with long manes and tails to brush , Lucky Stars Collection 12 character minis in realistic horse colors with their own gold comb. All the horses light up to comfort kids at night.

Plush seahorses & children's books: "I Sea Horses "children's book about mythical wild horses in the sea includes 6 brightly colored seahorses with long manes to brush and come with their own comb. All seahorses light up with twinkling starfish to comfort kids at night.

Plush camels and children's book: "Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop," an original family book and cuddly plush camel, about a brave young boy’s journey to the Gobi to save vanishing wild camels. Based on real life events and the legacy of a courageous young boy that faced cancer, the story incites and inspires readers to join Brad on his journey to China's deserts to save the endangered wild camels that may hold secrets that could benefit all of mankind.

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  • Non Violent Children's Toys and Books
  • High Quality Plush Toys and Books
  • Light -Up Stars and Moons comfort kids at night
  • Educate Children about Endangered Animals and the Environment
  • Award Winning with Great Product and Book Reviews
  • Most Toys and Books Priced at $10 and Under
  • Kids Club Activities with Brand


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